Monday, September 24, 2012

Busy, Busy Music Student

I can just feel how scary the rest of this term is going to be.

Ok.  So this is my final 3 months of classes for my undergraduate degree and things are piling up like NEVER BEFORE!

My schedule of classes is very full, with 2 music history classes, 2 humanities classes, a class about how to develop one's music career, and then there are my private lessons and coachings, my rehearsals with my choir, The Esoterics, tutoring for first year students, student director of my school's chorus, and then there's my current job which I just wrote about recently.

It's a lot to handle, but at least it's nice to know that most of the reasons I am busy are related to what I really want to be doing.

It's frequently difficult for me to remain positive about my course/work-load when I'm spending generally more time at my job.  Because, really, I'd like to be making money from something music related, and of course I have to have other jobs before that can happen, but it's really easy to get rather down about it.

One of the good things that came from today's busy-ness is that I feel like I'm getting somewhat better at tutoring.  I was helping a student with ear training/aural skills and at the end, I really felt like I had helped at least a little bit, even if I had been nervous and sweating and trying to hide how much I was blushing the whole time.  But hey, teaching is hard.  And directing is hard.  Getting up in front of people you don't know and trying to create art with them by telling them what to do and waving your arms is a difficult task.

But that's what I want.

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