Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am initiating a serious search for a new job.

Two nights ago, I spoke with my mom for a long time about everything that’s been bothering me and everything I’m worried about and the most helpful thing I got out of it was that she told me it was alright if I quit.
After my shift yesterday, I decided that was what needed to happen.
for the last few months, I’ve been feeling increasingly attacked and hated by my assistant manager for, as far as I (or anyone else) can tell, no reason at all.  I’ve only ever been polite and obliging towards her, and she treats me like I’m incompetent, with scathing looks, and every so often a completely rude and mean-spirited remark.

The one yesterday was after Gretchen and I had spent a while processing shipment (grabbing all the new wrapped clothes, opening them, sorting them, hanging them, and putting them back).  No one was in the store so I went back to grab some more stuff to unpack.  After we’d gone through that amount, a. manage, let’s call her kiki, starts telling me that since our manager had sorted through the boxes, that I needed to go through the one that was closer to the door.  Let me just point out that both boxes had the same amount of clothes in them, and though I was aware that the manager was sorting them, I didn’t know she had put them in different places.  I told kiki that I didn’t know there was a difference for where each box was, and in this really snide voice, she rolls her eyes and says “well OBVIOUSLY there was if she sorted them.” and walked away.  
A little later, she asked me why a bunch of leggings I asked the manager about were on the go-back rack, and I told her that the manager was going to deal with them, but didn’t before she left and kiki said “so what? you’re just not going to do anything about it?”  Well I don’t know, since you’re an assistant manager, should you be the one problem-solving when things don’t fit on the floor?
The last thing was near the end of my shift and kiki starts going through my clientele binder and commenting on all the things that she does with hers and all the things that are wrong with mine, and then has me write out old thank you notes to big-spending customers.  Which, by this point, I’m finding it hard to care about.
All of those situations just made me want to run because I was feeling seriously attacked and I just feel like she hates me as a person.  I got home and immediately hid under the comforter and just, well, freaked-out for a while.  Thank god I have a wonderful boyfriend to do whatever it takes to make me smile.
so.  I’m trying to figure out when to tell my manager I’m going to quit, and I’m trying to find other places to apply to.  I'm trying to make a good decision about money, but I also have to take my stress-and-unhappiness-levels into account (sorry, trying not to sound too whiny).  This is my last term of college and I think enjoying it is important.

Any Suggestions?

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