Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Pulling Teeth"

would be an adequate expression to describe how lyrics are going right now.  I just end up playing the same riff over and over and waiting for something to pop in my head that makes sense.

I've seen it written/heard it said by so many people that the best lyrics are those that come naturally to you in a moment of inspiration, but what's wrong with working hard for a song?  I mean, sometimes the easiest lyrics I can rhyme with are just the imbecile ones I would never let myself write.  And having lyrics I've worked for, in terms of finding words I really like and not just using what is easiest, usually pays-off much better.

I love writing music and singing, just the lyrics always seem to come last and are always the most difficult.

Anyways, this quietly-tamed angry thought came about from a new guitar lick of which I'm fond.  I've been playing through it for the past week trying to refine it about and have gotten to the point where I start humming melodies, but still am quite a distance away from finding a way to just string some damn words that I like together.

Being picky has it's benefits for one's art, but this is quite a hassle.

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