Sunday, September 30, 2012

Westwind - For Future Reference

So this is a somewhat corny photo from Westwind, but I've still ended up liking it.

Westwind is my favorite place on the world and you, dear reader, may end up hearing a great deal of references to it.  Westwind is the YWCA camp that all of the kids is my family have gone to, as well as both of my aunts (back when the camp was girls only).  It's just north of Lincoln City, OR, but has cliffs on either side, so it's completely secluded.  It's really the most beautiful place I've ever seen, and just about every year, my family rents it for a few days in the winter and it ends up being one of my favorite things about the holiday break.

As I continue to post some older photos on this blog, there will be quite a few from Westwind, in the hopes that other people will find it as beautiful as I do.

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