Saturday, September 29, 2012

sweets and a "session singer"

This business is not going to stop.
So after I got off from my opening shift at work this morning (and getting some late brunch), I made Pumpkin Spice cupcakes for a friend of mine because she graciously drove me to my short recording session at Self-Adhesive Records tonight.

Point one: these cupcakes are delicious.  they've been in the fridge since I left, so the cream cheese buttercream frosting is all firm and amazing and colored orange because that's my friend's favorite color.

Point two: I think this counts as the first time I can call myself a professional singer.

All in all, the recording part ended up being really short.  The strings were just finishing up when I got there, so the composer handed me a contract in which I am referred to as a "session musician."  And I signed my first contract as a performer.

The session went really well.  I knew the music well enough, so we did two practice runs, messing with some settings, and then just a few takes of the whole piece.  Both the composer and the engineer were really nice and we finished really quickly.  They were telling me some conflicting things at first, so I wasn't exactly sure what style to sing in, but I'm sure the engineer will just splice most of it together.  The hardest part was just not to listen and judge myself too much because I could hear it all on the headphones.  I started feeling really self-conscious, but apparently they had a lot of good things to say about my voice.  So at least that was reassuring/self-affirming.

I'm just really excited that I actually made money (not just tips) from singing tonight.
Alright, I'm opening again tomorrow, so I think it's time for sleep over here.

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