Monday, October 15, 2012

End of a project

Mystikos, the name of this Esoterics concert, just finished as of this afternoon.  And I'm sure it will be quite a relief not to have rehearsal for three weeks.  The concerts generally went pretty well, it's just that a bit concert weekend after work and a week of classes and homework and practicing, well, it can be a huge amount of work.

And now it's finally quiet.

(here, a few weeks ago I started trying to do free-lens photography.  I haven't gotten anywhere close to figuring it out yet, but I like the effect.)

Tonight, Cullen and I finally found out that we will in fact be moving into the larger apartment upstairs, which is incredibly necessary given our current tiny amount of space.  Unfortunately, this boosts our rent by about $125, at a time when I'm working so few hours at my uncomfortable job that even my tiny rent now is nearly becoming a problem.

And at this stage, I feel as though money is always supposed to be a problem.  Because you learn to deal with it (well, without it more like).  I've been trying to plan my life out for so long, and am now at a point where I could possibly start doing what I'd actually like to be doing if I had more free time and was being paid enough to take internships without worrying.

(a somewhat unintentional photo of Cullen while I was trying to figure out focusing while free-lensing)

One of the reasons I'm so worried about ways to make more money, aside from my rent and the loans I will have to start repaying after I graduate, is that living in a large city makes me feel continually trapped.  And yes, Seattle is a beautiful and wonderful city, but I wish I had the resources to travel to some rural area in Iceland, or even just drive here, until I find some place that makes me want to lie on the ground and just love the earth.

The photos I've posted here, don't exactly go along with what I'm talking about, but to me, they match the mood in a way.  I suppose getting some sleep about now would be a pretty good idea.  Stupid morning classes...

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