Sunday, October 28, 2012

First shift at Gap

woo!  I started my on-floor training today!  and it was actually really nice.  There was some awkwardness at the end when they, out of nowhere, asked me if I was coming back for the meeting from 8-10, when no one had told me about it and I was only scheduled from 3-7.  It was basically a storewide "mandatory" meeting but I had other plans...
WATCHING THE GIANTS WIN THE WORLD SERIES (again)!  which I will talk about in just a moment.

But first - so I was hired as more of a permanent person in kids and baby (since everything else is just hiring seasonal and I freaking love babies).  and I cannot believe that there are clothes that small.  I wanted to squeal the whole time.  My job today was super easy.  after more training and briefing and getting everything set-up, I was just doing stuff.  A huge change from my almost-ex-job that is entirely focused on building clientele and making a serious and long relation with the customer and being their go-to person the whole time they're in.  and this was just so much easier.  So, yes, I was folding in maternity and baby for a long time, but I felt totally comfortable, and with my training at WHBM, the amount of talking/helping the customer I'm actually doing is way easier than what I'm used to.

And I got a walkie-talkie and a nametag.

My page has been very heavy on text and posting has gotten somewhat sparse because of the vicious school year I'm having.  so here, have a photo of mine.

(between Grants Pass and Ashland, OR)
So, back to the big giants win tonight: 
Cullen, being from San Francisco, is a HUGE giants fan.  Yesterday, while he was trying to figure out where he could watch the game (since we don't have real tv, just netflix) and I asked him if he would walk me back from work, since I didn't want to walk back alone (let's not get into a huge rant about fearing rape/street harassment right now).

So he (and our other roommate amanda) walked down to a sports bar/grill downtown by my store to watch the game and I met them after my shift ended at the correct time.  The game still had 3 ish innings and I was tired and hungry and totally broke (I'll just barely be making rent after next month), so Cullen bought my super delicious awesome pasta and the drink I ordered.  and then the giants won.  (!!!!!!!)

So in a great mood, we walked home through a storm.  and since I was just at work, I didn't bring my camera down, but I do have a stormy picture.  Here.

(This is the only picture of lightning I've ever taken.  and I was so damn proud about that.)

After we walked home, stripped from all the wet layers and put pajamas on, we went upstairs to go see our new apartment again.  There was some furniture delivered today and we just got the key two nights ago - so I'm starting to get really, really excited.  It keeps getting pushed back, but wednesday is the day we're trying to get cable and internet switched over.

So.  Really exciting!  I need to finish some super late homework now, goodnight!

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