Friday, October 5, 2012

Hearts and Butts

Last night, I was feeling pretty exhausted when I got out of class and just wanted to sleep until maybe noon today.

A friend of ours invited us over to his apartment for dinner, which actually ended being a lot of damn classy fun.  We made steak and garlic bread, listened to sweet jazz, and I taught them how to play Hearts.  Which is a bit of a big deal for me because it's the only card game I'm somewhat decent at (besides cheating at poker when playing Red Dead Redemption) and I only get to play it once a year, when all of my family is visiting.

While teaching the game, we all eased in to using the word "butts" instead of hearts as in "you're taking all the  butts" or "I'm all out of butts" or "put your butt on the table."  I was giggling as much as I do when I'm tipsy.  at really stupid jokes.  This fun night also included the sighting of a license plate that said "IMSASSY".  Yep.

Thinking about it now, last night wasn't especially exciting or different, but I did spend a lot of time thinking about when I was in high school, and how much I wanted to be in my twenties and have dinner parties with red wine and jazz and hors d'oeuvres.  And it's as though I'm starting to realize that even though I'm a poor student, I'm still living a real life, and that it keeps getting closer to all the things I wanted.


I would love to end this post telling you that I did cool and productive things today, but the most productive activity we did was buy a huge amount of groceries.  Well I guess making a super delicious bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns breakfast could count as productive, but that's about it.

And then I played skyrim for most of the day.  But it's ok because I'm sick, right?

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