Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hired (! -?)

Recently I've been writing about being really unhappy at my current job, and I've been looking for a new one.  I was unhappy because of a personal issue with someone I work with and because of the attitude of the whole store makes me feel really, well, uncomfortable.   I know that every retail position is going to be focused on smiling and selling as much as possible so the store can make more money, but with my current position, to me it seems like a more personal level of trickery and trying to get people like me to lose all their money.

Some days it's really bad.  But then I have days where I'm working with the people I like and everything's going fine and I even bonus (for example, yesterday, by the grace of god, I made a $1000+ sale and bonused $100, which is great because I'm so broke), but in order to get days like that, there will be times when I'm closing with the one girl who can end up treating me very poorly, when no one walks in and I'm just being chastised the whole time.

Yesterday made me question if leaving was a good decision, but thinking about those nights closing with her, and how when I'm done with this term, I will be working slow weekdays much more frequently strengthens my resolve.

When I went in for my interview, they basically hired me then because of my experience in a highly personal, loyalty-program-focused retail position (and then I got the call today that actually hired me), but they also made it sound like, with open availability, they would offer me many more hours a week than I was getting over the summer (because it's a HUGE 3 story floor).  The woman I spoke to also was explaining a lot about how, since the store is quite popular, it's fast paced and high-grossing, so shifts would seem to go by a lot quicker.

I'm still a little iffy about if what I'm doing is right for me, but even if it's not, a new position will hold me over for the next 6 months or so while I continue to look for learning positions and internships in classical music and directing.

Can someone just make proper decisions for me please?

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