Thursday, October 4, 2012


I feel it coming...The biannual sickness....

Sorry, I know no one wants to hear whiny posts, so I'm limiting that.  Just pointing out that, as a singer with concerts this weekend, getting any sort of throat stuff is really bad.

On an unrelated note, today I was thinking about gossip and bitching about others feels like a guilty pleasure when, of course, it shouldn't be any sort of pleasure.  There are a few friends whose company I really enjoy, but we frequently get to gossiping which, later in the day, makes me feel incredibly guilty.

But it's the fact that if you are talking about person X with person Y, then person Y isn't talking about you and is in a way confiding in you and gossip is all about becoming more popular with some people by degrading others.  Unfortunately.  Gossiping is something that I normally try to avoid, but sometimes can be sickly fun.

And now, as I'm recounting my day, I'm feeling like my behavior was uncalled for.  And sometimes I would like to be a "nicer" person (not that I'm really mean at all).  A friend and I were talking about this same experience and how we would like to be "nicer people."

I'll just leave this thought hanging for now.  I've got to get some sleep and hopefully wake up without a sore throat.


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