Thursday, October 11, 2012

of little importance

Finally feeling less sick over here.  Singing is still a little difficult because, though I sound and feel fine while talking, I can't hear myself when I'm singing classically and end up losing all my support.

This morning, I had a coaching with my accompanist, my career development class, and then came home to some wonderful sunshine and a block of free time, imagine that! I decided it would probably be a good idea to be productive and work on music, so here's what my "workstation" looks like right about now.  But of course, now I'm just spending that free time online and not actually writing like I should be.
Also, since I've been posting somewhat slowly this week, here are some little things from the past few days.

Midday brunch with Cullen.  I was craving hashbrowns (which, oddly enough, I hated 
until this year), so we went to the store and found some FROM A BOX.  Still delicious.

A ridiculous license plate in the QFC parking lot that obviously needed to be made fun of.

And Pumpkin Spice cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting for the wonderful friend who drove 
me to my recording thing last week.  (she loves the color orange, hence the orange-colored icing)

 Other than that, I'm just happy that the weather has finally changed and realized it's autumn, still no rain though, unfortunately.  That's all for now. :)

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