Friday, October 12, 2012

Open Dress Rehearsal

went really well.  Every once in a while, my choir, The Esoterics, have an open rehearsal and composer talk with Q&A and whatnot.

There was actually a pretty decent turnout tonight and the audience seemed genuinely interested in the music.  Since we always do new music, some people find it a little weird and look like they're just sitting there to be polite and these people loved it.  which makes a really nice change.

We have two more concerts for this project, one tomorrow at 8 and then sunday at 2, and if you're in the seattle area, you should totally come!


Today I was supposed to be so productive and go work out and hang out with friends and carve pumpkins, and all that ended up happening was eating, adventure time, and skyrim.  But hey, I now know whom I want to be for halloween this year: Marceline the Vampire Queen!

ok, I'm really excited about that.

Anyway, in a little bit, we're going over to a friend's house for a late night pancake dinner get-together.  So, have a good night everybody.

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