Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Short Concert tonight

So I got home about an hour ago from a very short concert for the Esoterics.  We were performing at a student's junior recital and I am really just writing about it because I can't stand to deal with this homework right now.

The first half of the concert was a string quartet playing a 20-minute-or-so piece that was really beautiful, and the second half was our choir, and everything, surprisingly, went off without a hitch.  The concert was candlelit and the audience really seemed to be in a subdued and content place.

And of course, there was food afterward.  Because bringing food for a reception can be a serious factor in how many students will come to you recital.

Alright.  About this homework - in my "Three Philosophical Problems" class, we are reading a book called The Thinking Life which, in my opinion, is just garbage.  The author's point is really that you're only busy because you want to be/you're not saying no, and that you really do have enough time, and if something's important, you'll find time, and that basically any technology is bad and that any form of multitasking is bad and that a person should only really focus on one thing because attention is the most important thing, and if you don't find ways to be happy at work and pay significant attention to your menial tasks, "what happens is clear: we did not value life enough [...]"

I really hate this P.M. Forni.  I bet his name is Privileged-presumptuous-asshole Miserable-heap-of-a-man Forni.  THE HATE IS JUST RADIATING OVER HERE.

Just because I'm so damn busy all the time, and this guy - who has already accomplished what he wanted from life - is telling me that my responsibilities are not important.

Anyways, at least the concert was nice.  I have to finish some of these questions on the reading.  Urgh.

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