Monday, October 8, 2012

sick leave

So.  Sickness and a busy concert weekend caused me to miss posting on here, whoops.  Finally starting to feel better, which is good because my lesson is tomorrow and there are still more concerts this weekend.

There are lots of music and concert and sickness related things I could be talking about right now, but instead I'll talk about food.

I have an incredibly difficult time eating healthily because it wasn't really pushed on me until I was about 12, and by that point, I felt like it was the most extreme punishment.  Recently I've been trying to rectify this.  The lack of fruits and veggies is probably super terrible for me, so I'm trying to add in at least fruits I can force myself to eat.

I just wish I liked it.

I'm seriously not trying to sound like a victim here, but I wish I was normal enough to eat some fruit or something if someone offers it to me, or not have them think I'm crazy etc.  It's a really slow process right now, but I mentioned this issue to someone recently who sort of laughed it off and said at least I was trying and that the thought really counts.

Having a healthy diet is something I've become increasingly worried about in recent years and it was hard for me to realize because I've never had any issues with weight (or other normal reasons people usually change their diet).

Any tips/suggestions?

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