Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Cold of Autumn

So I'm actually really liking this set-up of alternating text and photos, but worry that it may seem a bit too, err, programmed.  These are some more photos from Westwind, actually taken at the same time I took the current background photo for this blog.

My boyfriend and I just watched O Brother Where Art Thou because he had to refresh it for a class, and once again I'm feeling completely swallowed by the city.  Don't get me wrong, Seattle is really great, as far as cities go, but after spending my adolescent years in a really rural area, there are so many things I had grown somewhat accustomed to that are now virtually unobtainable.

Autumn has arrived, and there's a certain loneliness that sort of hangs in the air on the cloudy days - and I love that feeling.  The cold feeling of being a long in open fields, or on the hillside or in a forest, that feeling and I have a very interesting relationship.  And here, living in a rather large city, it's somewhat difficult to come by.  Most of the time, I just miss nature.  And without transportation, it's really hard to get away.  Any other city dwellers out there getting the same feeling?

I'm very luck that Cullen feels the same way,as he also is from an incredibly rural area.

So in the meantime, while we longingly hope that a car may be given to us in the near future, I will continue to post some nature shots from places that I love.

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