Saturday, November 3, 2012

33 days

I can do 33 more days of this.
some of them will be awful and terrifying and a whole lot of other adjectives, but after 33 days, I'll be done with my undergraduate degree.

I really want to continue blogging and get better and more consistent at it, but my crazy schedule seems to disagree with me.

When I'm not in class, I'm working, when I'm not working, I'm doing tech for opera rehearsals, when that's done I'm doing homework or sleeping.  and every once in a while, I get a few hours a week to mess around online or play video games, but it almost always makes me feel guilty about other things I could be frontloading.

I just don't think I've ever been this busy or felt this continually run-down.  I had been accustomed to saying that the months between october and april in my senior year of high school were the worst in my life and hoped that it would stay this way, but this seems like a hell of a lot more to handle than that was.

I can't even imagine how awful I would feel if I was working on grad school applications right now.

I promise to maintain a better blog when I'm through with this term.
I have a lot of updates and things to write about and what not, but I'll save that for when I'm not just making excuses and explanations.

1 comment:

  1. the best blog is the one you can maintain! we can wait ;)
    you can do it girl! you won't know what to do with yourself once this business ends, thats how i always feel! haha. i'm sending you well rested thoughts, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!


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