Thursday, November 8, 2012

9 more practice-days

because there are 10 DAYS UNTIL MY SENIOR RECITAL.
(cue panic-induced panting)

oh my god.  about 90 percent of music is memorized and that leaves a lot more space for things to go wrong than I'd like to have.  my poster designer hasn't gotten back to me at all so I don't have posters, I still need to schedule extra rehearsals in the concert hall, and my violinist for two R. Strauss pieces hasn't answered me.


last night, I was trying out some really cool ideas with some looping pedals and I'm actually getting a bit excited about a few aspects of this thing.  and my dress is pretty, here look!

It's navy blue chiffon and has a train in the back, so I was really happy when it finally arrived, but I'd still like to have some good pictures in it, because this was just from my boyfriend's phone.

At this point I'm debating actually wearing shoes, or if I would get in trouble for that.  But I definitely won't be in heels singing for an hour.  ouch.

In other news, the opera opens tonight, and I'm running all the video/projected cues for that as part of a one credit arts elective "class."  But at least after this weekend, I'll be finished with all elective credits for my degree.  wow.

of course classes are stressful as ever, but I'm coping and everything will be alright in december, especially since I'll be working many more hours so I can actually have some money in my account other than for rent.

and on the upside, there's no class on monday because of veteran's day, so Cullen and I will be using that time to clean up our new apartment and find places for everything. It's finally going to look nice in here!

alright, that's all for now; I have to leave for my western political thought class soon and will be busy all night with the opera.

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