Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Career Time

With the end of the term coming up in just a matter of days, I'm planning on working on a lot more of my music soon.  Some of it much more soon than the rest.  

This thursday, I have a project due in my career development class in which we were to record 10 minutes of the music we do (it doesn't necessarily have to be our own pieces, since some people are writers/composers, and some are just performers) and it's supposed to be good enough quality that you will really use the tracks when needed.

So tomorrow night, Cullen and I are going to be recording three songs of mine in the studio - 2 singer/songwriter type pieces with me playing guitar and singing, and one piano composition. Luckily, today I got a chance to practice in PONCHO (the name of our concert hall, pictured below) and actually got pretty well rehearsed for the piano piece.
During the time I was playing, someone actually opened the door and listened for a bit and then gave me some really nice complements and asked if I would be playing it anytime soon.

So that felt nice.
then, this afternoon, I skipped my evening class (which I feel bad about) to practice the other two, which went pretty well, but now my fingers are feeling pretty sore.  But I was working with pedals for about two hours, and am feeling a bit better about recording tomorrow.

So now I'm getting really excited for having some serious, professional recordings to upload to my various internet places, especially bandcamp, so there's the possibility of making some money from music.  I just want to make money doing music.

And it's finally getting really cold here.  I love taking pictures of trees, and I love sunsets and interesting light, but I've realized recently that I really like taking out of focus photos of trees.  yessss, pretty tree blur. :)

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