Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Festivities

On Sunday, our friend Summer arrived in Seattle after travelling from Lynfield College in Oregon (just in time to come see my recital - yay!).  She has been staying with a friend of hers that lives only a few blocks away from our apartment.  So to take advantage of the rare occasion when we can all hang out, we invited her to come to a school show cullen was playing in.  During one of the breaks between songs, I suggested, "hey!  let's hang out and get drunk tonight!" which was a totally awesome idea.
For a bit of back story, I did turn 21 this last september and in mid-october, I decided I was going to purposefully get really drunk in a safe environment because I hadn't felt total-drunk-ness yet.  Anyway, it showed me that, getting really drunk, at home with people you like, is really fun.
So after the show, we stopped by the store and got a bunch of cider and wine-coolers.  Obviously, giving a play by play of the whole night would be immensely boring, but I will say that I was having a great time dancing and jumping around while singing Die Fruhlingsstimmen and laughing hard enough to just end up on the floor.

But it was particularly nice because Summer and I didn't really hang out very frequently when she still went to school up here.  We have been tumblr/blog/internet friends, but as is always the case with internet friends, it's often easy to wonder if the other person actually likes you as much as you hope they do.  The whole thing actually bears a great resemblance to middle school crushes, or at least that's what I'm thinking while trying to describe this.

Anyways, getting drunk with someone you like makes that so much easier, so now we're total bros and I'm going to miss her when she heads back home to Oregon.  All in all, it was quite a great night, staying up until 5 talking about all sorts of things and some drunk snuggling.  Both Summer and Gretchen are coming over to our apartment tomorrow (or later today, I suppose) for thanksgiving brunch and I'm really looking forward to hanging out with awesome people with delicious people.  I'm sure there will soon be pictures to follow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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