Thursday, November 29, 2012

Studio Recording

After a huge time-crunch in the studio last night and being kicked out a little earlier than we were hoping, I have a few rough recordings that I needed for my Career Development class! (? is that worthy of an exclamation point?)

So it's really nice to at least have some rough recordings, but there are a lot of mistakes that I want to fix and layers I want to add and different instruments/channels I want to use when I go back into the studio later.

concentration face!

That's our friend luke who was graciously running all this for me.  
but hopefully, I'll be able to work the studio by my self soon.

My fingers hurt so bad at this point because I hadn't played frequently for about a month before this.  So I kept sucking on my fingers.  Cullen got a blurry photo (it's super dark and yellow in there) of me looking silly

Here's a preview of what we got finished last night.  well, not a preview because it's the whole song, but I'll be doing a lot to it later on.

More music to come soon!


  1. OH. MY. GOD.

    your voice is like heaven! that probably sounds really creepy and i didn't mean it that way but wow, you are an amazing singer. i was reading above and i saw that you lost your job--singing should be your job! go for it :)


    1. Ah! thank you so much! (and that was not creepy at all) I'm trying to "do" music, but starting everything up takes a lot of time and work, so I have to figure out how to make money while that all gets going. but thanks!


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