Monday, November 5, 2012

weekly summary

Phew!  ok, another tough week finished, but I only have to do that five more times.
(late night blogging ahead)

This week was especially busy because we were moving into our new apartment.  It was only up a floor and over a room but now we have a much-needed 2 bedroom unit.  So now we finally have about 90% of our stuff up here, but we have to clean everything out and have it emptied by the end of tomorrow.  But we really like it, and also, just got tv for the first time here (after using netflix through the wii).  So, yay! exciting!
I wanted to post some pictures of the new place, but I never get home till it's dark, and I've been working all weekend or at rehearsal, so I took some long exposure night photos because everything's a mess and this way you don't actually see it, but it is technically a photo of the new space.  I'm cheating.


This week also included my final shift at White House Black Market and I'm thrilled about that.  There is one person there that I will really miss, but the last two shifts I had were closing and opening with the girl who is frequently mean to me.  I had traded shifts with a friend of mine so she could go to rehearsal and apparently, the bitchy woman was complaining to her about having to close with me.  so whatever, I'll never have to see that terrible, rude, petty person again and she'll never accomplish anything in her life besides working "jobs" and paying her rent.

On the upside, I now am all set up with my job at gap.  and today I learned that they have an "octavia" shirt. And I always kind of hate to encounter other situations that involve my name because I dislike the idea of it getting well known or popular.  I guess it's just that I like being octavia and I don't like the idea of other people having my name.  But yeah, gap job is going fine.  Haven't had all my training there yet, but I'm getting paid, so that's nice.

I'm so tired after working all weekend and being so busy, but sitting on the couch with Cullen rubbing my sore feet is pretty damn relieving.

Another update from the last week: I'm in the "production practicum" class because it's the only 1 credit arts elective I could take and that's all I had room for in my schedule. The class isn't actually a class at all, but a, uh, responsibility to be a stage hand/involved with a school production of your choice.  so within the last few days, I found out I was running video cues in the opera and the performances start this thursday.  and I can't be at all of the rehearsals because of class, work, and other rehearsals, and I can't even be at all the shows (I think) because of recording sessions with the esoterics.  so that's a little stressful, but there's really nothing I can do about it.

Also, my senior recital is two weeks from today ahh!!!!  but I think that's all the big stuff on my plate right now.  and of course all my classes are so busy, so I haven't gone anywhere and haven't been bringing my camera with me.  but after my recital, it's just my classes I have to worry about for 3 weeks.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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