Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cold Front

I spent a lot of time procrastinating putting these photos on my computer because recently, I've become quite busy getting, like everyone else, totally sucked into downton abbey.  and wishing I could wear my hair like that, and dress like that everyday, and own those hats.


Le sighhhh
Seattle, in what I'm sure is a huge surprise to all, has been receiving a rather large amount of rain recently, instead of the snow that I had so hoped for.

 Despite all the rain, I've had quite a few opportunities for long walks outside, thanks to my very frustrating lack of transportation, for various responsibilities with school and ensembles recently.

And I have gone through these (actually very nice) walks, freezing my hands off to try and take a few pictures.  but this is what I got.

The Best view in Seattle, on Queen Anne.

 On to warmer topics.
For those of us lucky ones with enough money to pay for food, a heated home, and other amenities, with Winter comes lots of comfort food as well as holiday and christmas parties.

After the term was (basically) over, a bunch of my friends and I had a get together at our friend Melinda (see below)'s apartment.

It was a white elephant party with potluck desserts, and Melinda made Gl├╝hwein, which was awesome.  I was too broke to partake in the white elephant shenanigans, but the most entertaining part was the "Archery" set Melinda bought, and then made sure to steal it back from anyone who took it because she realized she really wanted to keep it.

I made eggnog bread doughnut pudding (from stale doughnuts, of course) for the party, but was running late so I never ended up getting a picture of it after it came out of the oven, but damn was it delicious.

And here's a photo of me playing with the archery set.  which was actually pretty dinky.

Relaxing at home and just tackling small errands each day has been really nice.  I've just been trying not to worry about money and to figure out what to do next.

But that worry was greatly lessened recently when my mom offered to help me out and said that I should treat myself, so Cullen and I and our friend gretchen went to the Coastal Kitchen the other night for a totally awesome grown-up dinner.  It's a seafood restaurant, so I was very very please.  Ended up having oysters, wine, and calamari.  because I'm an effing grown-up.

And then in a less grown up manner, we gorged on way too much dessert.  but it was so worth it.

And now I'm sitting at home with some hot chocolate, having a hard time believing that it's not even 7 yet.  Maybe I'll go finish watching season 3 of Downton Abbey.

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  1. wow, i love your dress! the photos you got outside look great as well :) i've been meaning to start downton abbey because everyone raves about it--maybe i'll have to start today! you've inspired me haha. have a happy Christmas!



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