Sunday, December 16, 2012

Freedom is Sweet

Now don't get me wrong - I love college.  I loved it so much.  But it's so relaxing to know that all the stress it brought is gone.

hear that?  that is the sound of content, deep, peaceful breaths.
Oh, ignore that background noise of the song talking about sugarlumps, my boyfriend is listening to flight of the conchords.
Or it's the sound of his gaming, which is online so I can't download season 3 of Downton Abbey.  Which I only recently got really hyped up about.

It's just been lazy days since I finished.  enough free time to even finish Middlesex, which took me forever to read.  And now for more books that take forever - I just checked out Anna Karenina, so there goes going to bed at a normal time. I can try, but I'll just read for an hour.

Anywho.  I'm just really happy at getting to do nothing, so I'm going to give you some pretty pictures that were all taken from my apartment or the stairwell next to it.

This was so much more beautiful in real life.  I've realized that there's really no way to ever perfectly capture a sunset.  It never comes close to a decent comparison.

(this photo got weirdly popular on tumblr... all those hipsters.)

I don't know why I like blurry photos so much.

Tomorrow though, I at least have a plan to take a walk around the hill and check out Half price books with Cullen, so that sounds nice.

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