Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm allowed to be excited about christmas now!

 YAY!  Last night (and by last night, I mean at 4pm) Cullen and I went down to the market because he had to get some video of buskers for a school project.  So we got all bundled and layered up to face the wind and rain down there and headed out to our intermediary destination: The Kitty Truck.

On the last friday of every month, the Seattle Humane Society drives its mobile "branch" out and stops on westlake by whole foods for three hours.  recently Cullen and I have been seriously considering getting a kitten in a few months, so we decided seeing the kitty truck for some info would be a good idea.

AND THEY WERE SO CUTE.  (and a little smelly.)

Alright, onwards!  We walked through the rain, down to the waterfront, realizing that there probably wouldn't be very many buskers since it was cold, wet, and dark.  However, the piano guy was still playing, so Cullen got some video of that.  But, in the process, I got a lot of nice photos of downtown, as well as a nice walk with my boy and a super sweet hot chocolate.

( Oh my gosh, I just scrolled through my tumblr and saw winter/christmas stuff again!)

(Did I mention that I gave him a haircut?  As in - I cut boy hair and didn't totally screw it up!)

Pretty umbrella store!

Glowy dots in the ground by the SLUT station (don't freak out - it's the South Lake Union Transit)

And Seattle's Best actually has the best hot chocolate.  even though they're owned by starbucks.  
whose hot chocolate is chalky and gross (however, I do love starbucks).

God, I love winter, but whenever the season starts to change, I always 
say that "_______(season) is my favorite!"  I just love the world.


  1. I'm so so super jealous of where you live and all the gorgeous lights. I too have been waiting till Dec 1st to go buck wild about Christmas even though tumblr started last week, haha.

    You should DEFINITELY get a kitty!! They are wonderful and I would have so many if it weren't strange and smelly and expensive.

    Also, chalky hot chocolate is so depressing.

  2. ah! i never experienced december in seattle. i bet i would have loved it. :) these photos make me so so so excited for christmastime.


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