Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Last Week of Music School

That's hard to believe.  I mean, I'm almost done studying music at the undergraduate level and am about to have a degree (well, technically, the ceremony is in may, but I'm finished with my credits).

It's been hard for me to really let that fact sink in since I'm still so busy with academic papers for my two humanities classes and we're in S.O.S. week ( - "Scores of Sound" one week of straight concerts basically all day long), so I still haven't had any time to slow down and think about this.

And since I'm not really thinking about it, I'm not really considering how much I could possibly miss this; I'm just so stressed that I want it to be over.  Which is sad.

I remember when I graduated High School and I could not think of anything better than studying music all day and how much I would love it and how wonderful it would be and how amazing it sounded to only have maybe 3 classes a day and possibly a day off during the school-week.  And all of those ideas, they've completely changed.  They haven't been totally eradicated, but I guess it's opened my eyes that school is always going to be hard, and when you get better, it will get harder.

As I'm sitting here taking a short break from my communist manifesto essay that's due today, all I can think about is how to make money once I have free time, and how exhausted I am.

I'm just so tired.


  1. hang in there! thinking of you and cheering you on. good things will come your way!



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