Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little November Things

just a small photo review of november, these are the pictures that weren't important enough to post enough on their own and weren't related to anything I was posting about.
crazy hail storm!

pretty morning light coming through the holes in the blinds

me, about to turn in my ballot - my first presidential vote!

Famed composer, John Adams, came to speak at my school

I love autumn.

wintery trees.

my set-up for cues during the opera.

room 223.  It's so nice when no one's at the school.

(these last four are from a while ago, but I only recently re-found them on my computer)
A sign I used to pass all the time, somewhere around tacoma

paint texture

Seattle Art Museum

I had a pretty lazy day yesterday, but still wanted to have something to post for today even though I didn't take any pictures.  Anyways, happy December!


  1. i love your photos, and that pike place market sign makes me all achey inside in a good way <3 i miss that place a lot.

    1. Thanks! and I'm glad you're at least aching in the good way, but seattle/being near water in general at christmas is always really wonderful.


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