Saturday, December 8, 2012

Unintentional Hiatus

This past week was SOS (Scores of Sound) week, where there are concerts all day long and people basically perform every day for a week.  Luckily, I haven't had everyday performances because my available credits for this term eliminated the possibility of any ensemble classes.

However, I am taking two semi-rigorous humanities classes that have required reading questions or interpretive essays every day for the past two weeks.  The obvious result is extreme stress and a lack of sleep from being so busy, the less obvious one, to me at least, was that I wasn't paying attention to writing here.

And now this.  I have finished all performances for my music undergraduate degree.  All that's left is finishing these humanities courses, paying for some credits for classes I never had to take (passed out of them), and some paperwork


On a less related note, tonight I had the first concert of the series with my choir, The Esoterics, and everything actually went pretty well for the most part.  The music is vocally exhausting and when we do full run-throughs, the other top soprano on my side and I are just struggling to support each other to make sure that the sound doesn't stop completely.  It's 70 minutes of hildegard texts set by american composer Frank Ferko and they're really beautiful, but so so so tiring (especially being the top part and having to hold a's for about two pages of frequently hover around b's).

This concert has some importance to me in that it's a reprise of the first project I did with this choir and it marks my two year anniversary with the group.  And though I can get really frustrated with our director sometimes or at people who simply do not know their part, despite the level of musicality that is required to be in this group, it's so wonderful to sing in and it makes me really glad I ended up here.

I need to go rest up for tomorrow's concert, so goodnight. :)

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