Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Things

This afternoon, I finished a Long weekend of long concerts.
And I am exhausted.

warming up and spacing at St. Joeseph's up on capitol hill

So as I had mentioned before, my choir, The Esoterics, was performing Hildegard texts set by american composer Frank Ferko and they're really beautiful and interesting and a little bit crazy.  The thing is, I was singing top soprano in a work that, at times, can split into...I think 18 parts or so?  (The above picture is only half of the group for this project, just to get spacing right).  The music itself sounds really great, but a hefty portion of it can be very difficult, especially when everyone's musicality is at slightly different levels.  

Beautiful stained glass at the back of Holy Rosary Catholic Church

As well as being full of difficult lines, the top soprano part is just exhausting.  There are three of us up there for the most part, sometimes two, sometimes we're on our own part.  And trying to get through 70 minutes of music that is all stratospheric, with no intermission, and minimal time to recuperate between one really high section and another.

About to warm up at Holy Rosary
But we got through it.

The concerts were actually pretty great and we ended up having some really good feedback, even though it would have been nice to have a slightly bigger audience, but at least the people who do come to our shows really love what we do.

And some time next year, the cd from the recording sessions for this project will be released (and distributed/advertised through NAXOS, so hopefully that will get us some more recognition)

Christmas lights from the walk up to st. joe's

This weekend has been pretty stressful and now I have a project/paper I have to go write for my world music class, but I'm really glad I was in this project.

I'll leave you with my favorite picture of laughing jesus - I'm sure this is a sweet memorial, but it makes me giggle every time we sing at the Richmond Beach church.

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