Friday, January 11, 2013

Chlorine and worries

It seems as though I've spent the whole day worrying.

worrying about (not) finding a job
worrying about how to pay my rent next month
worrying about 6 months from now, when I have to start $200 payments on my college loans.

or just, worrying about money.  As always.

This is something that I've definitely mentioned pretty frequently, but it's getting pretty dire right now.  we have a little bit left on our foodstamps card, but when that runs out, neither of us will be able to pay for food.

and that's a really frightening fact to face.

The most frustrating part is that, with my degree, there aren't any jobs that I can take at this point that are really in my field.  Which means I have to keep looking for entry level retail jobs which will make me feel completely stationary.

Tomorrow, Cullen and I are having recording sessions.  I'm hoping to get through 3 pieces, have them mixed, and then put them on bandcamp and start looking into cd baby.  I think a bit more recording after tomorrow's session may actually leave me with enough for an EP that I can start to put together.

But still, money for a musician is slight and sporadic.

That being the case, I've been trying to figure out other ways to make money blogging and doing whatever else I can online, but have had no breakthroughs so far.

Today has also been spent smelling like chlorine, because I did an underwater photoshoot for my friend gretchen for her recital posters.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to show for it yet, because we were only using disposable film cameras, so we have to wait for them to be developed.  But if they look at all decent, you can trust that I'll be putting them all over teh interwebs.  because underwater photos are super cool.

It's just too bad that all this financial worry has lessened the better parts of today in my mind.

Anyone have any awesome suggestions for how to better monetize their blog?  I could really use some help in that department.


  1. hey girl, i'm sorry about your financial problems! i know that is not a fun place to be in at all :( i hope that you are able to find a job sometime soon!!

    in the meantime, i know a few ways to make some money from blogging: first, you can join Passionfruit Ads, which is basically this site that allows you to sell ad space on your blog in one easy place. people basically just sign in, pay for an ad and paste their code. it's easier than trying to keep track of who gives you their ad and allows you to regulate the prices/sizes and start making money faster. here's the link:

    secondly, a lot of bloggers utilize affiliate marketing. basically, you find a small start-up business (such as Choix, Lily & Violet, or whatever relates to your own fashion/life style) and ask them if they would be willing to start an affiliate relationship with you. if they accept, you can blog about their business, offer discounts to readers, sweepstakes, etc--and any sales or clicks they get from your blog, you get paid.

    i hope these ideas help! good luck, will be thinking of you!


  2. oh ps! i lovelovelove your new blog design :) and if you'd like to swap ads, i'd be more than happy to!

    1. thanks so much for all this advice, and I would totally love to swap ads with you. I have to go practice for recording later today, but I'll email you tonight. :)


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