Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fitness Tried to Kill Me

Look at that photo, taken only this morning, back when I still had usage of both of my legs...
And now I sit on the couch with my foot still elevated and on ice, unable to get up to grab myself a brownie, oh woe is me, whine whine whine.
*over-exaggerated sigh*

In all seriousness though, today I tried to get back into some sort of fitness routine by going for a light jog.

I jogged for about 4 or 5 blocks.

and took a false step.

and rolled my damn ankle.

and it hurt like EFFFF. (for those of you who have not met me, I like to swear, but I'm trying not to on this blog, so it's safe for the public)  I had to sit down on the sidewalk for maybe 10 minutes, trying to make it stop hurting and figuring out how to get back up and walk home.

So it was kind of a rough day, but I'm starting to hobble around the house now with the help of my boyfriend (who is wonderful and made me potstickers and brownies tonight).  And on top of that, I beat Far Cry 3 tonight.  so that was...alright, but I'll probably rant about that game in a different post.

Anyways, this "run" was inspired by the fact that it was a beautiful day and the world seemed to be yelling at me to do it.  and the world shat on my face.  (oops, sorry, but I'm leaving that swear in for humor's sake). ON MY FACE.  so to make up for how crappy this beautiful day was, here are some photos from a beautiful yesterday.

Alright, and with that, I'll bid you all goodnight and grab (well, more like "ask boyfriend to grab") another brownie for me.



  1. Oh no!!! I will admit this post made me giggle a bit, but truly, I'm genuinely sorry for you, girl! Hoping your ankle gets back to normal soon ;)
    Love the blog, now following!! I'm looking forward to future posts, you're hilarious girl!
    CoverGirl + Converse

  2. !!! oh jeez, sounds like the story of my life! every time i try to get up and exercise i hurt something!

    those pictures are lovely! feel better soon!

  3. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for visiting my blog. :) I'm really enjoying yours. How I miss Seattle.


  4. beautiful pictures.get better soon.


  5. I am really sorry for your accident, I had the same no long ago and it's rather annoying. Anyhow, the sunset pictures do pull it off. Get better soon!


  6. That's the worst! And totally something I would do as well. Hopefully you'll be up and moving again soon!

  7. bah! i love the title of this.
    i rolled my ankle in Europe this summer and it was the pits, i had to walk everywhere so i just had to suck it up, which was probably unhealthy haha

    as for you thinking about shooting film, DO IT. i think it's totally worth it and it helps make you value each frame so much more.

    1. Yeah, it's pretty fine now, but damn did that suck. Also, my film camera is missing a battery and I've tried finding one at a normal grocery story that was the right size. which they didn't have, of course. So I'm not using it yet because there isn't a nearby camera shop that I can find.

  8. That sucks that you hurt your ankle. I love running and I run pretty regularly. Every time I almost step somewhere that could get me hurt, I have a little internal freakout. I can't imagine having to hobble around and not being able to run. I hope you get back to functioning regularly soon!

    Also, these photos are amazing! You put my sad-lazy-webcam photos to shame! Ha ha. I am just a butt head when it comes to uploading and I seem to never get around to it!


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