Thursday, January 10, 2013

Les Fruits de nos Travaux

It's been another full day of cleaning over here, but at least this time, there's something to show for it.

 Finally our bedroom is clean enough to show off!  After a ton of tidying and spraying and wiping and scrubbing, we finally got to put up the christmas lights and candles and other small decorations.  And for that reason, I wanted to take day and night photos even though you can't really see a huge difference.  But the candles and christmas lights were so nice in person though.

Here are some of the little touches that we could finally bring out

And then, what I've taken to calling the candle bouquet.

 Also after a bunch of cleaning and recycling and putting new things away yesterday, we made ourselves some cookies and watched Spirited Away.

Until about a week ago, I had never seen any Miyazaki movies, except for Ponyo, and Princess Mononoke once when I was 7 (and it terrified the shit out of me).  So recently, I decided I wanted to watch all of them.  We re-watched Princess Mononoke first, and this time through, I totally loved it!  I've decided I want to be San for Halloween this year.  

But anyways, yeah, Spirited Away was really cool and I really liked it and whatnot....but it was total tripping crazyballs.  I don't think I need to write anything more about it.

hhhhhhhhh (long sigh). But now everything's neat and tidy over here and we're just waiting for our (hella expensive) loads of laundry to finish drying.  So with that, I'll bid everyone adieu and hope that you all are having a nice night as well.


  1. I'm loving those guitars on your wall !
    &I'm hungry now, after seeing those cookies you baked !

    xoxo Grace

  2. hey, I nominated you for the liebster award :-) check out

  3. Pretty pictures! I always watch the clock knowing my husband leaves work at exactly 4:30 so I blog all day and hang out with my kids until I know he's on his way home and then I power clean.

  4. love the picture! just found your blog through a friend! hope to get to know ya better!



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