Saturday, January 12, 2013

I made a freakin' pizza!

woot!  Ok, I'm trying to photoshop and write this really quickly so I can have it finished before midnight, because I'm supposed to have one post every day.

Alright, so I'll just point out here that it is very hard to get a pretty picture of tomato goop.

very hard indeed.  Also, I wanted to have a picture of making the little sausage balls, but taking pictures of raw meat isn't very attractive either.  but who cares!  look at these semi-weird food pictures!
 (Here's a secret, that's actually a picture of me taking the pizza out and not putting it in, but it was the right size and shape and was convincing enough to go with the raw/before pictures.

* omnomnomnomnom*

 Phew, got these photos finished with 12 minutes to spare.
Anyways, yes!  Pizza!

During high school, I frequently bought this same trader joe's garlic herb pizza dough and made homemade pizza all the time.  The other day while grabbing some groceries, I realized I hadn't made pizza in probably 3 years.

So we did.

And it was DELICIOUS.
I mean, I thought it was delicious because I covered my half in mushrooms and pesto, as well as the cheese, sausage, and homemade tomato sauce on the whole thing (because cullen's not a big fan of mushrooms or pesto).

So, morale of the story: it's super fun to make your old favorites!


  1. That looks really good ! I made pizza with my dad once & we were surprised at how well it turned out!

    xoxo Grace

    1. Thanks! and yeah, making pizza is really fun.

  2. wow, that is so amazing,you are so cool!!!
    I like your blog, have the interest of following each other? Kate :)

  3. hello sweetie, thank you for following sunnydaysarelove via GFC! am ur new follower too, I also have an FB page click the link to see

    hope, you click "LIKE" button there

    if you have twitter, let's get in touch, mine is @sunnydaysRlove

    Stay lovely!



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