Friday, January 4, 2013


While I was at Westwind, I ended up taking hundreds of pictures, and it would be ridiculous to try and put all the ones I liked into one huge post.  So I've picked a bunch of favorites and have spread them out a bit.  there are still some more I like, but here's the next set.

UFO's!  testing for light painting once we got down to the beach.  this was just shining the flashlight on the ground 3 times.

I actually asked Cullen to take an over-exposed photo of me.  soooo this was intentional.

This was almost the super scary part of the hike where I always worry about someone falling off a cliff.

My brother, on Potato Bug Point

An army man we found while walking on the beach

Hiking down from High Meadow

Light painting (which I will always want to call lightning/fire bending in my head)
the streaks of light are me running around with a flashlight.

Anyone else go somewhere they love over the holidays?


  1. Gorgeous. I find Im particularly drawn to the photo of the broken army man.

  2. lovely pictures. i love the light painting photo.

    1. Thank! Light painting is really fun to work on.

    2. *thanks. wow. I can't spell right now.

  3. I love the photo of the woods the lighting is beautiful


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