Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quiet Wednesday

As you may have read last night, I totally screwed my ankle up, and while I can now walk on it with a manageable limp, it's still not up to par.

So today, I ran some errands by going to the bank and library, but for the most part, I've just been sitting at home, trying to keep weight off of it.  That being the case, I don't have much of any interest to say, nor have I taken any pictures today. Which I'm a little disappointed about

On a brighter note, I've decided that I wanted to learn about the Zelda series, since I've never really played anything and don't know much about them, and what kind of gamer does that make me?

So I've been playing Majora's Mask.  Not very far yet, but my god is that town music getting annoying.  Also, my character's name is Le Pewp.  BECAUSE I'M A MATURE ADULT.

Not really.

Since I don't like posting without any photos, here are some from one of the last days of winter break (even though I don't have school anymore, it still affects Cullen and our other roommate Amanda, so I've been home alone).

Mmmmmm, grande white mocha and toasted french bread with Hagelslag.  sooooo goood.

Also, I'll leave with one exciting decision I've made recently.  I want to add a little bit of red to my hair to make it a burgundy brown.  I'm thinking it should look something like this color:

What do you think? I'm getting really excited about this idea!


  1. damn, just read your ankle story. not fun!
    buuut, i really do like that hair color, even if you just did highlights to start, i think it would look super on you :)


  2. This color would look great! It's so pretty and it's always fun to do something new with hair.
    Also, that toasted french bread looks AMAZING. Gosh I am jealous. I must come to Seattle.

    Thanks for following my blog. I like yours too :)

    Foreign Room

    1. You totally should; Seattle's great! and yeah, hagelslag (on toast) is one of my favorite snacks-soooo gooood. :)


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