Thursday, January 17, 2013

Teeny Tiny Kitchen: Hashbrown Scramble

 Ah, Hashbrowns, or more accurately, tasty, crispy mush.  Hashbrowns were challenge I had never taken on before today, when my roommate was making breakfast stuff with potatoes from the freezer, and they smelled so good.

So I figured, Hey, I've got real potatoes in the fridge, why the hell not?

There are two chopped potatoes in the picture above, which ended up being a ton of food.  By the way, chopping is that part that takes a stupid amount of time.  I eventually gave up on making them super thin and just put bite-sized pieces in there.  which was still delicious.

Once you have your pieces chopped and in the pan, add about half a cup of water (or however much seems right; I hardly ever cook with measurements)  and turn stove to high until most of the liquid has boiled off.

After that liquid is gone,  pour in a little cooking oil so they can start to brown.  Also, potatoes are notoriously bland, so it's important to add tons of flavor at this point.  I ended up adding normal salt, powdered seasoning salt, TJ's everyday seasoning (which I usually use as pepper), cumin, a bit of cayenne pepper, and minced garlic.  Mix and continue cooking on med-hi heat.

 Believe it or not, this step is not actually necessary for the making of potatoes!  Unbelievable!  I just wanted to point out this little spoon rest that my mom gave me recently.  It used to be my grandmother's, who really loved owls.

Cut it up into little bite sized strips and cook on med-hi.  or whatever heat you want based on how hungry you are.  Let's face it.  You really want this delicious mush.  And I always cook by instinct, so I'm not very specific about seasoning are amounts or time or heat.  sorry about that.

Add (preferably real maple) syrup to the bacon.  Because yes.  Always add maple syrup to breakfast meats.  I always do. and I frickin love this stuff.

Yup.  There we go.  It's starting to get a little bit crispy and the edges are getting a little caramelized.  perfect.

Because why would you not add more butter.  Technically, I added the butter because it wasn't getting crispy enough, but butter is also delicious, so there.  Also, if there's a lot of bacon grease in the other pan, you can add it to the potatoes to help them brown, and add bacon flavor.

And who doesn't love butter.  (see the lack of a question mark there?  that's because this is not a question.  because everyone loves butter.)

I ended up adding a big spoonful of hashbrowns to the bacon pan, and then cracking two eggs in there, which led to a very high potato-to-bacon ratio.  Also, I use cream cheese any time I make scrambled eggs.  It's one of my favorites and I've had people try to tell me that's weird.  But seriously, try it.  The semi-tangy cream cheese flavor offsets the sweet bacon and the heavy potato flavor.  

Now, around this time, your pan will stop looking like eggs, bacon, and potatoes, and start to look like scramble-y mush.  DO NOT FEAR THE MUSH, IT IS YOUR FRIEND.  

Yeah, this isn't the most visually appealing dish you've ever made, but hey, you're hungry and you want breakfast.  No one's there to care about what your food looks like but you.  And once you taste it, you won't care either.

Yesssss, steamy, crispy, salty, cheesy, yummy, mushy breakfast scramble.  
That was the best decision I made today.


  1. Hey there! I just found your blog and I am lovin' it (found it thru Emma-lee at In Real Life). I too am a fan of crispy potato mush. My dad used to make us hashbrowns every Sunday morning when I was growing up and it was the best!

    1. That sounds awesome! and thanks for the follow, I just followed you as well. :)

  2. Bah. I just came across your blog because I saw that you started following me. First of all, I want to say that I LOVE the name of your blog. Its seriously so cute! Also, this post looks delicious! I love the little tid-bit about admiring new kitchen stuff while you wait. Seriously, so adorable! (:

    1. awww, thanks! That and your other comment made me smile a lot (and also confused me because I follow like three other people who just go by jess, but there's nothing wrong with that).

  3. You've got such a cute blog. Your design is really lovely. I'm a fellow music-lover and new follower. :)

  4. It's still commendable that you attempted hash browns even if they didn't work out the way you wanted them to. They still look yummy!

  5. I cannot even explain how delicious this looks. Oh my gosh.

    If I wasn't cutting out fried foods/soda/etc., I would definitely make this. One day, though, I will. One day.

  6. Oh. My. GOSH! That looks *amazing*!! dude, I put cream cheese in eggs too! And I pour globs of maple syrup over my breakfast meats. Yuuumm. :D

    I saw you in my followers so came to check out your blog! I love it!! Your photography is lovely and your blogging style is adorable! Oh, and I love the name. :D Here's your newest follower.


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