Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year in Review (Late!)

Yes, I know it's already 2013, but I still think it's worth going over some of the more important events of the last year, since this blog is pretty new, there's a lot it missed.

  • I started my 2nd to las term of college

  • seattle was hit by a crazy awesome snow storm.  our apartment became a place for our friends to crash when they walked to far in the snow and would freeze before making it home.

  • recorded this cover on a little handheld recorder ~ link here! 
  • Read The Fault in our Stars and cried the whole time.
  • Started playing Oblivion
  • Worried about graduate school daily.
  • Recorded these pieces
  • I think this is when we bought Skyrim.
  • so that's what happened to all of march.
  • was hired for my first job ever.
  • wrote 4 short pieces entitled "Vignettes of a Confessional."  Here's one, you can find the rest on soundcloud  
  • I was drowning in schoolwork
  • Cullen's family came to visit and the sun started to come out, which meant more trips to park and more walks outside.
  • Starting working retail
  • Cullen and I had our 1 year anniversary

  • Spent a ton of time in rehearsals for "Approaching Ecstasy" - the ballet my choral director wrote for us, The Esoterics and Whim W'him. (I'm next to the dancer in the middle)

  • Started getting really interested in light painting
  • We were really into Avatar - Legend of Korra
  • Flew to Denver with my group to sing at GALA - a huge choral conference for Gay and Lesbian groups.  which was really fun and I finally ended up making some good friends with people in the group, since I had been quite shy around them before that.
  • And the trip on the plane was really pretty.

  • that and a huge lack of creativity is all I remember about July
  • oh yeah, and we had a terrible 4th, down by the water, hungry, no restaurants open, and feeling like a burden to someone who wasn't exactly helping us by no fault of her own.
  • Vacation in California
  • played effing golf.  for the first time.
  • We did some awesome hiking up to Arch Rock - a hike that ended up being twice as long as we thought it was, so we did 9 miles while racing daylight.

  • I turned 21.
  • this was a big deal.
  • Late in the month, I started this blog.
  • short, easy recording session for this project-Revelation Film Project (I'm the singer for the last short.  I also hate this picture of myself) 

  • carved a pumpkin in the shape of the skyrim dragon (hard to see in the dark though)
  • did hardly any blogging because I was so stressed out by school.  Every week was torture and I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel
  • put in my notice for my job at white house black market.  which felt so good.
  • Had my senior recital
  • finished my recital and made it out alive
  • worried about money.  a lot.  oh wait, that hasn't changed at all.
  • had a wonderful thanksgiving with our friend summer

  • Finished my final term of college.  I am a graduate.  an alumnus.
  • recorded this rough draft, as well as two other pieces.
  • Started playing Far Cry 3.  This happened.

  • got super excited for christmas
  • Christmas itself ended up being a total bust, but at least there was the westwind trip.

So with a hopefully heart, I'm wishing that this year will be much better than the last.


  1. Wow! I loved this post, so interesting. It looks like you've had a very good year. Thanks for commenting on my blog, not least because it meant that it led me to yours, and your beautiful music.
    Katie xx

    1. Thanks! and no problem; I think it's really interesting to follow people from other countries.


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