Friday, February 15, 2013

A dress rehearsal, and the past few days

Sorry I've been AWOL recently - my wonderful procrastination skills made things a little difficult for me because I would convince myself that doing one productive thing a day meant that I was busy.

Which really was not true.  I just wasn't taking photos and wanted to wait until I had something more important to put up.

This week was once again a lot of hateful relaxation.  I would relax and hang out all day and hate myself for not doing more.  But I'm still applying for jobs and trying to stress-out less.  Monday and Tuesday weren't all that interesting, but Wednesday was pretty nice.

Cullen had his dress rehearsal for his Junior Recital.  After his date was set, his teacher had a job offer for a set of concerts with the seattle symphony and (after conferring with Cullen) ended up taking the gig.  So Wednesday was what he was being graded on.  

I'm really excited about the stage set up.  Cullen's idea was to have a lot of candles just on the stage and only having it open on the apron, but I thought it would be really cool to have the whole stage open and candles all over it, and at all sorts of different levels (so sitting on stools or tables etc).  It would get it a sort of floating look, since the back half of the stage wouldn't be lit.

so here's what the dress rehearsal looked ended up looking like, while we tried to figure out candles, stage props, and lighting.

 (we're not actually going to be using those rugs.  There's an oriental rug in the studio, but someone was recording, so we couldn't get it for the run through)

More candles!
And yesterday, we had a wonderful valentine's day, but I'm going to leave that to tomorrow; after all the v-day posts I saw yesterday, I'll give you guys some more time to cool down from being bombarded.

Ok, I think it's time for pancakes over here.  Au revoir!


  1. cool idea! i love candles :) and i've been awol as well, i don't blame you! the stress of the year is settling in....

    happy belated valentine's day!


  2. Nice idea. Goodluck :)


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