Sunday, February 17, 2013

Late Valentine's Day Post

 I am FINALLY getting around to a valentine's day post.  I'm a little shocked that it took me this long, but that's only because I really didn't take any pictures (romantic restaurants are really dark!).

So throughout the actual daytime, we didn't really do anything special because Cullen had class that he didn't get back from until 6:30.  It was spend much like any other day, meaning I stayed in my pajamas most of the time and played minecraft for hours.

My favorite thing to do with Cullen is to have brunch together, but since he had class in the morning, we saved that for the next day.  When he got home, we both got dressed all pretty and I got really dolled up (it's somewhat hard to tell from the photos, but I was wearing the most pink makeup I've ever worn at one time.  I wear blush maybe once a season...), hung out for a while, and got ready to leave for our 8:30 reservation at our favorite nearby seafood restaurant.

I think the food was more to my taste than Cullen's but he still really enjoyed it. and hey, his drink was yummier than mine so that evened it out a bit.  after calamari, duck confit, and pan seared muscles in a garlic and white wine sauce, we sat for a bit, feeling super full, and decided to order the larger hot fudge sundae to split anyways.


If you live in seattle, particularly Capitol Hill, you really should check out the Coastal Kitchen; it's one of our favorites.

Cullen and I have both been really low on money, so the dinner was our gift to each other/ourselves.  But he did write me an incredibly sweet card that made me sort of blow up with cute a little bit. 

I just love having love letters or other sweet sentiments in writing, so I can look back on them again.

We spent the rest of the night just hanging out with each other and enjoying ourselves (I won't tell you anything gross or mushygushy because I'm sparing you), and then we skyped our friend summer.  which was also really fun.

The next morning I considered to be the valentine's day brunch we had missed the day before.  We made bacon-chocolate chip pancakes (which were good, but from a box, and I've made better ones from scratch) and made some iced coffee.

I honestly can't remember what else we did that friday, but that's unimportant, because this is a valentine's day post!  not a february 15th post.

Yummy pancakes!

I mentioned yesterday that I turned in a job application and I have an interview this week, so now when I think about the past week, I don't feel any guilt about just lounging around with the person I love most.

I'm pretty happy right now.


  1. What a gorgeous way to spend Valentines night/Feb 15th! my partner and I celebrated on the 15th because he works away through the week. My post about it won't go up on my blog til Wednesday because of the GFC collective, so you're doing much better than me! haha xx

  2. I love that first picture of you where you are looking over your shoulder. It is so classic and you look so lovely! Sounds like your Valentine's Day was really nice and that dinner sounds so deluxe, yum!

    Also, congratulations on the interview! How exciting!

  3. sounded like you had a great time!
    good luck on the interview!! <3


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