Friday, February 8, 2013

Need to get back on the horse

In the last week, I gave up.

I did what was easy and stayed in without setting goals and giving myself serious and productive things to do each day.

I stopped working out each night.  Stopped paying attention to drinking more water.

I just stopped.  And because of that, I haven't had much to blog about, unfortunately.
And since I didn't blog as much last week, I felt like I could get away with it.

So now I'm going to try and get another push of motivation and hope that documenting that and having the pressure of other people knowing if I fail or not.

So this is my Octavia Needs Motivation post.  And I'm hoping this next week will be better.


  1. Here to motivate! Woo, woo! You can do it!

    I totally slacked off in the working out department this week too, but I just got some new music so hopefully that will encourage me!

  2. Don't worry about falling (or getting) off the horse. Happens to the best of us. Just remember what your goals are and what you're doing it for. And remember that feeling you had when you decided to do this!

    You can do it. You've got what it takes!


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