Saturday, February 2, 2013

questions for a lazy day.

Since today has been a pretty lazy day of gaming and cooking, I figured I'd just take the time to answer some questions that Lacey over at A Good Thinking Place tagged me in.
  1. Have you ever sewn your own piece of clothing? 
  2. Yes, actually.  I made made my prom dress senior year of high school.  I technically know "how" to sew, but have so many problems that I don't know how to fix.  So I don't.
  3. Do you have a job? If so, where? If not, where you do want to work? 
  4. Ugh.  No. I do not have a job.  My ideal job right now would be a teacher at Soundbridge which teaches group lessons for children (and sometimes adults).  They are a branch of the Seattle Symphony, so it would be a totally great position.  I just don't know how to start my cover letter to them and I don't think my resume is good enough.  So I keep putting it off.
  5. Describe your perfect first date 
  6. I have no experience with this at all.
  7. Who is your too-old-for-you-but-still-hot celebrity crush? [ c'mon, I know you have one ]
  8. Benedict Cumberbatch.  And David Tennant.  UNF.  
  9. Shaken or stirred?
  10.   Well I am definitely not a martini drinker. The only things I can drink are the ones where you "can't taste the alcohol" and a few other mild fruity or coffee drinks.  and wine.  I can do wine.
  11. Have you ever had something stolen from you? 
  12. I guess I never really have.  I'm starting to feel quite uninteresting answering these questions.  The closest thing that's happened is that my mom's van was stolen when I was little.  But the police found it.
  13. What is an animal that creeps you out? 
  14. poo brain horse.

  15. Do you ever have a hard time letting people get close to you? 
  16. I guess so, I'm pretty introverted and have a really hard time talking to people who aren't good friends, and in the same way, it's a lot easier for me to not answer questions and to take myself out of potentially awkward personal situations.

  17. If you could change one thing about your personality or one habit that you have, what would it be? 
  18. I would want to have more perseverance and constancy in new goals.
  19. Have you ever done anything for a homeless person? 
  20. Nothing extravagant.  except for fill myself with guilt and try to atone for it by telling myself how I don't have money for rent.
  21. Are you a cat or dog person?
  22. Kitties!  Cullen and I really want to get a baby kitten this summer. 


  1. Hi, Octavia! I found your blog through the Better Blogger Network and have been enjoying reading it so far. I really like your photo manipulations (for lack of a better phrase). For example, the Slow Saturday image in this post and the goals image in your last post. They are so simple and clean and really aesthetically appealing.

    Writing cover letters can be so difficult! I am also currently looking for a job and have been writing so many cover letters. When I feel overwhelmed by a cover letter I usually open a blank document and start writing a stream of consciousness in which I discuss my experiences and interests. I use passionate language and maybe go a bit crazy. Then I go to the company's website for the job I am applying for and read about their mission. I use this to tailor what I have written or help me add or remove things from my letter. Finally, I edit to make things sound more professional and reorganize my paragraphs. I usually have 5 paragraphs: 1) Introduction, 2 & 3) My experiences, the skills and qualities I obtained from these experiences, how these have fueled my passion, 4) The job, I talk specifically about the job to show I have done my research and discuss what I could give to the position and what amazing things I would get out of the position, 5) Conclusion, I am awesome, let's meet, thanks! Hope that helps! Sorry if it was redundant information!

    Also, your too-old-for-you-but-still-hot celebrity crushes are the exact same as mine :)


    1. wow, thanks for all the advice; I really appreciate it. and I just followed you!

  2. okay, making a prom dress is pretty impressive! i wish i had sewing skills, but alas, i'm a bit untalented in that area. hope you're having a great weekend!



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