Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Things to Come

Last night was the first rehearsal for my choir's new project Sirene. Well, not new exactly, since it is a reprise concert.  But while I was there, I received a few tidbits of good news.

One of the women that I sing with is the director for Kaleidoscope youth chorus, which is a branch of the Esoterics.  A little while ago, I sang as a ringer/section leader for the little kids so they would be ready for their concert and she now knows that not only am I unemployed, but I'm really thinking about teaching music to children right now. 

So last night she asked if I was still looking for a job and told me that they were trying to line something small up for me.  Which is good to hear, because even a small step in the right direction is better than continuing to work in retail for the upcoming years.

last night, I actually was a little easy with admitting that I don't have a job and am looking for ANY sort of music job.  Someone's gotta know someone, right?

Another awesome piece of information I got is that The Esoterics is going to be the ensemble in-residence for CHORUS AMERICA this june!  which is really exciting!  Eric, our directer, sounded like he wanted to re-audition people specifically for that so he could have a really tight ensemble, which I'm really looking forward to.  This means that we will be the group singing for all the choral conducting masterclasses (WHICH IS WHAT I WANT TO DO BY THE WAY SO OH MY GOD).  We will also be performing many times including 4 Morten lauridsen pieces that I actually haven't heard before, but WITH LAURIDSEN ACTUALLY AT THE PIANO.  Ah!  ok.  I should calm down about this but wow.

Yes, I am a huge choral music aficionado so this is all a really big deal for me.

Also, my mom just got a new job which means she'll be able to help me out a bit until I get a job.  Which I'm sure will be soon.  and by the time March comes around I have a feeling everything will be much brighter.

Just out of curiosity, are there any other choristers out there?

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