Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Recap

  1. Design Studios at night
  2. sign in one of the design offices
  3. on the walk from MCC to upper queen anne to get to rehearsal
  4. Cullen, when we were stopping by the dorms to put up some of his recital posters
  5. Raspberry Hazelnut Bread pudding from yesterday.  I miss this already.
  6. view of the downtown from queen anne hill
  7.  (through 9) gretchen getting ready for her recital yesterday
anyone do something really cool this week?


  1. I submitted a dreaded assignment for grading. That's pretty awesome cause now I don't have to think about it anymore :D

    Beaaaaaaaautiful photos, I love the one of the Seattle skyline!

  2. So glad you stumbled upon my blog! Because that means I get to see yours! Love it!

    Hooray for mutual taste! Also: Olafur Arnalds? AMAZING. A friend introduced me earlier this year and I fell in love.

  3. Your blog is so lovely. :) And Gretchen is so beautiful. ^_^


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