Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Dump: Marie's Portraits

A few day ago, Marie (another classical singer), Gretchen and I went up to Volunteer park to go take some portraits for her recital.  

Her recital is titled Zephyr and it was a really windy day, so I was trying to incorporate wind elements whenever possible, but mostly they're just portraits in a pretty dress.


I just got back from a camping trip at the beach and have a ton of photos from there, and in addition to all the photos of marie, I've been stuck photoshopping for like two days straight.  But I'm beginning to see a light, they're almost finished!

So pretty camping and beach photos will be coming next.


  1. I love the first shot! It looks like she's doing something magical. :) I love it when you can take the disadvantage of having wind everywhere and make it into an advantage in the shot.


  2. I love volunteer park! These are super pretty. :)



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