Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunshine on the Hill

Alright.  So I am a Seattle-dweller and have been living in the Pacific Northwest for all of my life.
I am used to the weather here.  However, yesterday, we got blasted with a super awesome sunshiney day which made me so happy!

Cullen and I decided we would take a walk up to Volunteer park and then walk down the streets with all the hugefancypretty houses because recently, we've really been liking imaginary house hunting.
Obviously, we're not in a position to buy a dream house right now for a plethora of reasons (one of them being that we don't want to live in a city), but we've been having a lot of fun walking around fancy houses and talking about what we like and don't like and want in a future house.

And after walking through the pretty house streets, we went to trader joe's - originally just to get cookie butter, but on the way there, I had a craving for brownies and they have really good brownie mix.

then some errands and finally home, but it was a really nice day even though I ended up missing out on La Boheme tickets because of it but whatever I'm not sad about that.

Since the light was so pretty, I ended up taking a bunch of photos, so here's a narrowed-down version of what I (and Cullen, for the pictures of me) took.

the one on the left was an accidental photo.  and my hair looks SUPER bright in the sun on the other one.

                                                                 I call this one "instagram dat shit"


  1. Lovely photos in the sun :) I'm glad you're feeling
    Better (from last post)

  2. Your hair looks beautiful! And I love these photos. Sunny days tend to be the best. (:

  3. you were right in my neighborhood! :)

  4. How fun! Ugh I still need to get cookie butter...


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