Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today is a good day

It's spring, the sun is shining, and I'm going to go pick up my friend emily from the train station today!

I know I'll probably take a bunch of photos this weekend (I hope), so to make sure I don't get any further behind, I'm going to talk about my camping trip this past weekend (with some photos).

Last friday, Cullen and I were picked up by my mom because we were going to be borrowing her car, drove her back home in tacoma, and then drove it back up here (But not before stopping at a food truck with the only legit mexican food in seattle)
AND IT WAS DELICIOUS.  and surprisingly spicy.  we had to go buy sour cream and an avocado once we got home.

Ok now for some pretty beach photos!

 Cold Cullen!


And then here's the namesake: the actual Deception Pass.

All in all, it ended up being a really beautiful trip that we both enjoyed, even though it was pretty freezing over night.

As we were driving up, the weather was really stormy and I was starting to worry about being to stay at all, but as soon as we got to the campsite, the rain cleared up and the sun came out, so it was just clear and pretty and windy.

but boy was it fun.


  1. Beautiful photos. :) It does look might cold there! I was in Seattle during the summer of '04. My friend and I took the water taxi to this beach for a festival, missed the last bus back and were forced to sleep between two giant pieces of driftwood on the beach. LOL! Not so much fun at the time but nice to reflect on. I miss Seattle.

  2. these photos look beautiful !

  3. That picture of you and Cullen peeping your heads out from behind the fallen tree (is that what it is?) is so SO good! I love it!

    Looks like a lovely time :)

  4. Those pictures are great!!
    Absolutely love the last one :)

    xoxo Grace @

  5. love these. especially the ones of the sea foam! so cool :) and food trucks?! i'm soooo jealous. i wish florida was cool and would get on that.



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