Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Two cold climbs, come Springtime"

"So let me hear you say, my love, 
I am gonna stand my ground.  
They rise to me and I'll blow them down."

Things are looking up over here.

Yes, it's spring and everything is bright and sunshiney (yes, I know it's not a word) and pretty, and I can't help taking far too many photos of minimalistic trees without any focus which I will now force onto you paired with Decemberists lyrics, but it's more than that.

For the last three months, I've been pretty consistently looking for a job.  The fact that I've had very little luck has made me feel guilty about it, like I'm being lazy and not trying and not doing enough, even though that was not at all the case.  That worry has recently been extremely exacerbated by my oh-so-loving mother, who seemed to get off on thinking that I've been doing nothing but mooching from her the whole time I've been unemployed.

However, recently, I've finally has some good new.

Now, nothing is certain yet, they still haven't given me the job, but I recently applied at a somewhat local pool to become a children's swimming instructor.  After I sent in a pre-application type form, I had a phone interview that I thought went terribly because I was so nervous about it (I'm a worrier).

But apparently, they didn't think it went poorly.

I received another email from them last week asking me to come in for an in-person and in-water interview.  Still, I was nervous, but much more excited this time.

The interview was two days ago, and I feel like it went really well.  there were a lot of the standard interview-type questions that you dread but still have to be quick and smart about, but I feel like I actually answered all the questions really well, and in situations like this, that's not something I get to say very frequently.

When I got to this interview, I wasn't actually nervous at all.

But the part that made me feel most comfortable was the in water portion.  I had to show that I actually could swim and wasn't just lying and going to end up drowning as soon as I get in the water.  But I was also shadowing two other instructors.

I felt like I got along really well with everyone and the kids were all really cute and I was just having fun.

At the end of it, they told me that there are three steps to their interview process and the third was coming in and meeting with the owner, and they would let me know in the next week if they wanted me to come in again.

And I got that email this morning.

So if this all goes well, I may soon have a job as a swimming instructor.  and I'm really really excited and really hope this works out.  I'm just hoping I don't get too nervous about meeting with the owner on monday.

Well there's my story that I wanted to tell you about.  But also, since the weather yesterday (and today as well) was so warm and wonderful, I went for a walk up to volunteer park and took all these blurry nature photos that you've been seeing.

I sometimes think about the fact that when I'm really old, I'm going to have a lifetime's supply of pictures of trees and powerlines and out-of-focus nature.  and I'm ok with that.

Oh, and some more good new.  Last week, Cullen, my friend Emily, and I were all down at the market just walking around when a friend of ours called out from one of the booths to say hi.  It turns out that she was just about to leave this job, so Cullen asked if they were still hiring, and yadayadayada they basically hired him right there.

So now he has a job.  And hopefully I will by the end of the week.  Which is just wonderful news since we've been constantly stressing about money for the longest time.  Hopefully soon, we won't even have to worry about making rent and food money.  and boy does that sound nice.

I'll finish this post with some less naturey, more interesting things I saw on my walk yesteday

also, this past week, I started (and finished) playing Fallout 3.  So this was interesting.

Happy sunny Saturday everyone!


  1. I'm so happy that things are looking up for you! (: Good luck with that last interview!

  2. congrats on your potential new jobs! and LOVE the cherry blossom photos! so happy to have stumbled across your blog, its lovely! aaannnndd I am your newest follower hey hey hey! hope you will stop by mine sometime!

    xo, Kelsey Belle



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