Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly (or semi-monthly) Recap

Ok, so there was some weird stuff that happened this week and I didn't do one of these last week, so this is from the whole month of march and the last day of february.  Most of them are food.  

Because I like food and food is good.

(I think this picture makes it look like I'm pregnant.  NOT THE CASE.)

1-2: Awesome Thai food at Jai Thai on broadway (Tom Kha with prawns, and pad thai with pork)
3: lamp in top pot that I like.
4: The sunlight in our apartment was really pretty, so I moved the flowers in front of the open door and took some pictures
5: weird hospital family picture.  again, not pregnant or anything like that.  but when an adult woman is in the hospital and here mom is there and smiling, it looks like a baby thing.  weird.
6: The Lowell school, we walked by it two days ago when the sun was nice and pretty
7-10: food from 13 coins (a really delicious fancy-schmancy restaurant open 24 hours (7- chicken marsala with fettuccine, 8-my pasta - a whopping mound of delicious garlicy pasta with crab, lobster, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green onions in a white wine sauce 9- chocolate mousse 10- flourless chocolate torte with strawberry coulis and the best whipped cream I've ever had)
11: morning coffee in china my mom gave to me when she moved.  I've got a ton of china and silver and mugs and wine/champagne glasses now.

Well then.  How was your week?


  1. I love 13 coins {that's where my husband proposed to me}. It looks like a wonderful week, except for maybe the hospital picture. Hope things are going well!

  2. Internal squeal of delight at the Blue Willow! Love it :) Also love al the food pics even though they are making me hungry ;)

  3. that china your mom gave you is so pretty!


  4. Aww I love these. All the food looks SO good.


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