Sunday, April 7, 2013

What a Week it's Been

Wow.  I finally have some time to slow down and hang out at home for the first time all week.

As I said in my last post, I was just hired at a new job and have been working/training all week.  I'm really excited about this job and really like it so far because everyone's super friendly, I like what I'm doing, and they're offering me a lot of hours each week.

(Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has congratulated me on this, and to all of you who offered words of support when I was unemployed and worried all the time - I really appreciated it)

This past week, I was hired on monday, did scheduling on tuesday, and worked 8.25 hours on wednesday, thursday, and friday.

Then after work on friday, my choir had a dress rehearsal and I severely underestimated the aggressively uphill walk from westlake to queen anne.

Yesterday morning, I took a bus up to meet up with some other singers so we could carpool down to portland for our first concert of the series.  Yes. we, a seattle based choir, had a concert in portland.

The drive actually wasn't too bad.  I ended up talking to someone I hadn't really spoken with before and had a lot of fun gossip and got a lot of good life-advice from someone who makes their living off of their voice and teaching.

And the concert yesterday was really good for a first concert, but that wasn't the best part.

My middle/high school choir director came to the show and I got to talk with her about my life and what I'm doing with music and what my goals are for about half an hour.  and it was really wonderful.

At the end of it, I started getting emotional with all these highschool-feels and was thinking a lot about where I was when I graduated, but it was a really good experience and I came home feeling quite contented.

One last awesome detail: before we left, the people I was carpooling with and I stopped by Voodoo Doughnuts (best and awesomest doughnuts in the northwest), and while I didn't get many pictures of portland, I did get a few of voodoo.

The "voodoo doll" is jam-filled and comes with a little pretzel stick to poke holes into it.

 Ugh.  the baconator is so freaking good.

mmmmmmhhh, gotta love a nice tall glass of milk and an Old Dirty Bastard.


  1. Yum! Those doughnuts look amazing! And I am so happy for you getting things together. Busy is gooood! Especially when it means you can pay your bills ;)

  2. maple bacon, get in my mouth!

  3. aww, it's always strange seeing people from the past--can really make you nostalgic. and those doughnuts are just making me hungry! wow, they look amazing. definitely adding this place to my future dining list. (which is currently nonexistent on paper but is extensively long in my head where i think about food all day). happy tuesday!


  4. those look absolutely yummy! bacon on a donut!? omgosh. & congrats on the job!

  5. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
    let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. hey! congrats on thenew job! i watched their episode on tv recently (voodoo) and they even mentioned they do weddings. LOL! Love WA! I'ts beautiful!


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