Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Revenir, Sans Excuses

Hi there.
I know it's been a few months, and there were a few reasons why.  But one of the bigger ones was trying to think about how I would explain such an absence on here and just dreading it.  So I'm just going to jump back in.

Currently I've been editing a ton of photos from our recent vacation to the bay area.  Cullen and I are getting so tired of Seattle and we seriously needed to get away for a bit.  So we carpooled with some friends and we all stayed at his parents' house.

The trip was filled with lots of restaurants we made plans to visit, fun days in tiny towns, lots of time on the beach, hot hot weather, and some relaxing time at the house watching giants games with snacks and no worries.

It was wonderful.

We dreaded coming back to seattle so much and are now thinking about the trajectories of our shared lives.

He's got undergrad to finish, I've got grad school to enroll in and complete (preferably abroad), but after we're finished with those responsibilities, we've been thinking about living in california for a long while.  After school's done, we're thinking that may become our happy reality (even though I never saw myself as someone who would live in california; it just seems so different from where I grew up).

We'll be out of seattle soon and hopefully living in somewhere beautiful and filled with nature and happy.

And can you blame us?

I'm excited to get back into writing here. more to come soon!
For those that are still here, thanks for sticking around even though there was no reason to.

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  1. I was wondering where you went! I'm glad you took a vacation to California!


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