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Hi, I'm Octavia.  I'm 21 years old and just finished my Bachelor of Music Degree.  My major was Classical Vocal Performance, but what I'm really interested in is conducting and choral studies.  I frequently sing with the ensemble The Esoterics, which you might hear me writing about from time to time.

I am also heavily interested in songwriting and composition.  You can find some of my past pieces here, and I'll generally update the blog whenever I have new recordings.  My songwriting style is pretty acoustic and folksy, while my composition style is somewhat minimalistic combined with contemporary classical and my biggest influence is definitely Olafur Arnalds.

I grew up throughout the Pacific Northwest.  My adolescence was spent in Scappoose, OR and I am of the opinion that one's location during adolescence is what really defines what they consider home.  I moved to Seattle to study at Cornish College of the Arts in my second year of college, after my first year was spent transferring between two other schools.  Seattle is really starting to feel like more of a hometown to me than portland does and I'm really happy here.  You can ask me anything about it.

In this blog you'll find: lots of photography, longings for nature, music, cooking, sarcasm, linguaphilia, terrible french, literature, thoughts on astronomy, Harry Potter, Nerdfighteria,  physics and science in general, Doctor Who, Feminism, angry politics, DIY, pretty things, and much much more.

Lastly, to me, blogging is not only about keeping a record of one's own life, but also for forming new relationships, so I'd love to hear back from you if you have anything to say.


  1. Wow! Cooking, sarcasm, and angry politics, huh?
    LOL! Sounds like me! :) Would you consider yourself a liberal or conservative?

    I'm also starting a new blog! I'd love to swap ad's with you if it's okay. You can visit my blog at www.thecostanoan.blogspot.com to see if you want to have a box space there.

    Thanks, Mandi :)

    1. oh, wow, this blog is new enough that I haven't even written any political rants yet. I'm way, way, way, way, waywaywayway liberal. and id that doesn't scare you off, I'd love to swap ads with you. I have a few buttons here on my page, so I guess I'll just grab yours then.

      are you still game?

  2. Great to find another music grad in the (lifestyle)blogosphere! Though, mine was a B.A. in Music with a vocal/choral emphasis. Which fach are you?(not that it matters so much, i'm just curious...i'm a Lyric Soprano).I'm enjoying reading through your posts (and seeing all of your pretty pictures!) and am looking forward to listening to your compositions! Also, thanks for the follow--i'm most defiantly following you back!

    p.s. great profile image(at the blackboard)! very pretty!


  3. I looove Olafur Arnalds. And you are an extremely talented individual!

  4. What a darling blog! You just got a new follower. ;)

    -Leah Kathryn


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